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Proudly made in Greystones, Ireland

Born in the splendour of Greystones harbour in County Wicklow, from years worth of enterprise consulting experience in industries ranging from finance to publishing, government bodies to media; we are Gravitie.

We have a passion for data that has that allowed us to create solutions that have empowered global teams to plan, report and visualise their data, no matter how large it is, while allowing them to drill down on every minute detail. Our developments reduce organisational complexity, increase job satisfaction and de-risk your organisation.

The Gravitie data analytics platform has been developed directly for, and with, some of the most complex companies in the world; that is why our focus has been on simplicity of use.

We have found that many companies do not have a clear and accurate view of their profitability, costs, budgets, forecasting, overheads, timesheets, hours, tax etc. in real time – and importantly, in one place. In fact, it can, and does, take some companies weeks to validate and reconcile this often disparate data.

Moreover, we have found that this data is often not trusted by the key stakeholders and management due to the manual processes that are open to easy manipulation and errors.

Working as partners within our customer organisations, we developed our platform to span the entire organisation, providing true, connected planning, forecasting & budgeting at all company levels.

Our Values


We take pride in our ability to work with customers who are direct competitors in a commercially sensitive market. Our specialist team have built trust with market leaders through years of on-site consulting experience. Our consultants and developers adapt to your organisational demands while holding their own high standards of excellence, at all times, keeping commercial and ethical sensitivity front of mind and of the utmost importance.


Our best ideas come from working with you. Through a modern Agile approach, new products, features and specifications are created and tested in partnership with our customer. At our core is a desire to help create efficient, data-driven organisations. We appreciate your industry expertise and utilise this to map your business logic. With an accurate understanding of your financial formulas we can add additional third party data. This adds significant value to your business, creating one source of truth within your organisation.


We believe that the countless data sources and systems required by most companies across commercial, operational, HR & finance departments are currently unmanageable. Our algorithms were created through a passion for research, learning and our client's patterned market problems. We are constantly evaluating new data sources, suppliers and technologies to understand how we can simplify your business. Given our independent nature, we are the only supplier who can effectively merge all data sources to create additional organisational value.

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