Enterprise ready media profitability & cost analysis platform

Gravitie Media Profitability & Cost Analysis platform provides advanced analytics and statistical modelling. All this blends together to provide one version of the truth with all your data in real time across all campaigns, flights & geographies ensuring accurate billing.

Media profitability & cost analysis automation
Fully automated - Our media profitability & cost analysis platform connects to all backend data systems & suppliers

Gravitie Profit solves the challenge of real time profit and loss reconciliation for media billing using your rules, logic and formulas.

Media profitability & cost analysis manual adjustment
100% Control - Manually override additional data sources added to client lists & overhead values

Working and partnering with key media data suppliers, we combine their booking, buying & HR systems with your client lists and overheads.

Eliminate ambiguity

Gravitie Profit shrinks the workload for CFOs, Financial Controllers & Account Managers in a single system for financial calculations and management providing single source analysis.

Profit splits your specialist booking category – digital, TV or programmatic – and then aggregates the individual booking category, suppliers and client splits.



Based on media bookings
variable sketch chart


Based on adjustments & commission rates


Billed on account & creative

By calculating each entity independently under a standardized time period, Gravitie Profit solves the problem and ensures a completed picture for all your people on one connected platform.

Every transaction correct, every time

Transactional revenue

Based on media bookings

How it works

Traditional media revenue is associated with a client. Aggregation of individual transactions by a client per agency per supplier on a defined time period determines key billing amounts. Media rates can then be multiplied by the associated commission rate or adjustments of the organisation.

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Variable revenue

Based on adjustments & commission rates

How it works

Time sheet reconciliation for client codes on a time period. Each individual employees hours for a client can be associated and multiplied by the rate card of the job title. With standardized billing amounts per job title. This is based on creative or account work.

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Hourly revenue

Billed on account & creative

How it works

Based on "after the fact" adjustment against target KPI’s. A percentage revenue of the budget for a campaign or client for the defined period. This is an important source of real-time analysis to reduce risk and utilize the effective budget.

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Gravitie Profit handle the media complexity and variability with our modelled costs

- by creating generic entities.

We match & reconcile contrasting expenses which eliminates inaccuracy based on the cost estimation and the delay in timesheet reporting.

Salary calculations and additional overhead percentages are also combined which determines an individuals’ hourly cost.

These then provide client and non-client time on a per transaction basis.

Gravitie Profit then manages two expenses; one is consistent and the other is variable.


Such as a tax percentage added onto an individual’s salary to calculate the hourly cost or onto a transaction as the tax amount to be paid.



A commission rate or spot amount to be added dynamically.

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A media profitability & cost analysis platform built for your industry

Gravitie algorithms focus on media logic through a modern user interface

  • Granular: Break down your finances into each campaign, flight, client and agency in real-time
  • Control: Control all costs, commissions, revenue streams and expenses
  • Easy: View, add, edit & upload your data from anywhere through a simplified User Interface
  • Analytics: Visualize all your data in a single aggregated system with granular drill down, up and through
  • Insight: Empower your decision makers through one source of truth