See your future now. Connected Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting and P&L information in real-time

Plan and model the future of your business with the connected PF&B platform from Gravitie

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See your future now.
Connected Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting in real-time

Plan and manage the future of your business on a single, connected PF&B.

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Complete Business Oversight

Now, more than ever, we realize that business disruption will occur. Outdated and error-prone systems and styles of planning are slow, limiting speed to insight and data-backed decisions, leaving your business exposed – particularly if you are relying on disparate data sources and spreadsheets.

With the Gravitie platform, implementing driver & zero-based budgeting in rolling forecasts will systematically enhance and connect your people to all of your data, with a single goal, on a centralised application.

Gravitie provides complete financial, operational & commercial oversight for efficient, effective and data-driven decision making when you need it most.

Connected Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting

Faster planning with clear & immediate visual impacts

The Gravitie platform effectively solves the complexity of Financial calculations, Administration and Billing for your organisation. Our proprietary formulas empower your people to act when and where it matters most.

Multiple data source connectivity

Connect to all your data and feeds, eliminating spreadsheet risk

Dynamic dashboard and reporting tools

Blend all your data-leveraging, existing relationships while empowering your people

Role-based accessibility

Customized  data visualisation. Secure, role-restricted access means you only see what you need to see; at a client, brand or modular level.

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Take full control of all scenarios

Validated income & expenditure provides real-time Profit & Loss information at transaction level, allowing you to view, add, edit, upload or revise your plans with dynamic financial latency & scenario management.

  • Capture multiple new plans, forecasts & scenarios
  • Agree & approve all budgets in a rolling workflow
  • Stress test your scenarios before locking them down
  • View unlimited plans, budgets & forecasts side-by-side
  • Track and manage forecasts across multiple countries, regions, and currencies
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Nothing to reconcile. Ever.

All your profitability, costs & plans for each customer, department, region or country validated in real-time, in a fully automated environment, and on any device.

  • True profit & costs: Provide your team with a blend of financial and commercial data on one platform, enriched with salaries, time-sheets, tax, overhead percentages, everything...
  • Secure, accountable, transparent: The Gravitie platform inherits your security with enhanced granular role and department control by in-house admins, meaning that your people only focus on what you want them to
  • Connect your entire organization: Your people, all working together towards a collective goal, collaborating on new plans, forecasts and budgets with visual reports and scenarios in a workflow. A single version of the truth

Remove the complexity

Connect | Enrich | Agree | Share

No noise financial, operational and

commercial efficiency that your people will trust

Gravitie connects all your people & data

One fully connected platform

Enriched data that you control

Scenario management and planning on any overheads, taxes, salaries, time-sheets, commissions and more

Visual analytics for all

New P&L insights and forecasting predictions with curated data feeds for everybody

Easily share and collaborate

Take action across your whole organisation, together, as you workflow on one platform

Enterprise ready

A platform that makes you ready and Agile, being able to cut and thrust with the rigors of modern global business

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What you get

with the Gravitie Platform

Connected Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

A fully automated, cross-functional operational performance management & planning platform which provides simple and accurate line-of-sight of your organisation’s financial and commercial environment.

Get an accurate view of your current, and future, financial and commercial landscape

Connected Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting Platform by Gravitie

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